Savory Jewellery Corporate Tie-Up Program

‘Precious Jewellery Gift Voucher For Your Precious Employees’

Savory provides Corporate Gift Vouchers for the valuable employees of companies from Small and Medium sized Businesses to Multi-National Corporations all over India. Corporates can tie up with Savory and gift their employees, vouchers from Savory Jewellery where they can get access to thousands of designs on our website and redeem the voucher to buy the products or use the voucher to redeem for Customised Jewellery Custom Order. Savory’s Corporate Tie-Up Program is for companies believing in the ideology of ‘Employee Satisfaction’. SMEs and MNCs all over India can simply contact us and we will be glad to gift your employees with Savory Vouchers. Membership is absolute of ‘Zero Cost’.

Contact Us:
Call/WhatsApp:+91-8888040549; 8888015436
Email: [email protected]

Interested Companies can also fill up the enquiry form and get in touch with us: CONTACT US

Details of Savory’s Corporate Gift Vouchers:

Membership Fees


Gift Voucher’s Cost


Redeemable Amount Per Product

No Limit (Rs.500/10 Gms)

*No other Discount Rates applicable with corporate gift vouchers. *Subject to Terms & Conditions