Product Category Returns

Lifetime Exchange of Savory Jewellery


Lifetime Buyback of Savory Jewellery

(Sell for Cashback)

Gold Bullion Coins/Bars No 100% on Current Buying Rate of Net Weight. 98% of Current Buying Rate of Net Weight.
Gold Jewellery No 100% on Current Buying Rate of Net Weight 92% of Current Buying Rate of Net Weight.
Silver Bullion Coins/Bars No 100% of Current Buying Rate of Net Weight. 80% of Current Buying Rate of Net Weight.
Silver Jewellery/Articles Murtis, Pooja Set etc. No For 999 Purity: 80% of Current Buying Rate; Others 70% on Current Buying Rate of Net Weight. No Cashback/Buyback on Silver Articles
Diamond Jewellery (Real Diamonds, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2,  SI1, SI2 etc.) No Exchange value of Diamonds Depends on Carat Wt., Cut, Clarity, Colour and current value of Diamond. Contact Savory for your diamond exchange value. Buyback value of Diamonds Depends on Carat Wt., Cut, Clarity, Colour and current value of Diamond. Contact Savory for your diamond buyback value.
Making Charges, Taxes, Stones,   American/Regular Diamonds etc. No No No

Return/Buyback Policy:

  • Product should be accompanied by Original Product Certificate or Original Invoice for all exchange and buyback.
  • The current buying rate of that karat/purity shall be applied to which the jewellery is made of. For example, if the jewellery is made of 22KT gold then for Exchange 100% of Current Buying Rate of 22KT gold shall be applied to the net weight of jewellery.
  • Net weight of gold jewellery is the gold weight minus the weight of stones, diamonds, beads, dirt or any other items except gold.
  • The prevailing market value of Gold, Diamond & Silver will be determined by Savory according to various Sources, Gold Jewellery Associations of Pune etc.
  • The buying rate and selling rate is different for Gold, Diamond and Silver. Kindly contact Savory for the current buying rate.
  • Selling Rate is mentioned on the website as per the updated date. If the rate is not updated kindly contact Savory for the updated gold, diamond and silver rate on the date of purchase while making the order.
  • Kindly note Buying rate is less than Selling rate.
  • For Buybacks, Exchange of Savory Products shipping charges, packaging cost, taxes if any, internet handling charges, wastage charges, or any cost incurred shall be borne by Customer.
  • Savory will break and melt the jewellery for testing purpose of old jewellery for buyback and exchange purpose and then the weight, value and purity of metal will be approved and relevant rate of gold will be applied.
  • Buyback and exchange value will be determined by the net weight of gold. Weight of stones, american diamonds, beads used will be deducted.
  • Purity of gold will be tested and then the gold value will be determined.
  • In case, any Coupon, Discount or Promo Codes were used during the original purchase, the Buyback/Exchange amount will be reduced by an amount equivalent to the Coupon, Discount or Promo Codes, as applicable.
  • Any jewellery brought from Savory but is altered, resized, changed, in terms of weight, size and shape of jewellery, the jewellery will be sent for testing of purity/karat of metal and only then the value of buyback or exchange value will be determined. The extra shipping and certification cost shall be borne by the customer.
  • Savory will not be responsible for any deductions in buyback and exchange value once the jewellery is subject to any form of alterations.
  • In case the customer cannot produce the original certificate, Savory will send the item/jewellery to the laboratory for recertification/verification. The extra shipping and certification cost shall be borne by the customer.
  • In case the exchanged value is higher than the value of the old product, the customer will have to pay the difference between the new product chosen and the value of exchange of old product calculated on net weight and buying rate on the day of exchange. In case the exchanged new product value is lesser than the value of the old product, the difference will be held as a credit for the future purchase from Savory. No money back is applicable in an exchange transaction.
  • Buyback and Exchange value of jewellery/items is calculated on Buying rate of the Gold, Diamond or Silver on the date of Buyback/Exchange.
  • Selling Rate of Gold, Diamond, Silver is considered for new product/jewellery purchase.
  • Savory reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for specific customers according to their type of jewellery purchased. In such a situation, the customer will always be informed of the decision prior to the purchase.
  • No Returns/Refunds are applicable to any items/products/jewellery sold by Savory/Shalimar Jewellers on this website or through the retail store as our products are custom-made orders and exclusively crafted for the customer.
  • If the customer dislikes the product/jewellery he has ordered due to any reasons he will have to either exchange or buyback through the respective policies. No money back will be offered to customers and the customer has to bear the loss. Savory is not liable to any of the losses caused to customers.
  • By purchasing the jewellery/items/products from Savory the customer confirms to have fully read and understood the various terms & conditions, policies mentioned hereby by Savory.
  • Savory is an online brand of Shalimar Jewellers Kothrud Pune.
  • Customer also acknowledges that Savory will not be responsible for any theft, wrong address given, change of address, or product not reaching the right person due to incorrect shipping address provided. Customer will be held liable completely.
  • Any changes in policies, terms and conditions, rates, exchange or buyback values, will stand final and will be applicable.
  • Cash for buyback will not be paid, only cheque will be paid to customers or through bank transfer.
  • Savory also allows Exchange on any other Non-Savory Jewellery with 70% on Current Buying Rate of the equivalent karat/purity of metal after testing the jewellery/item. This service is applicable only in our retail store in Pune with the original invoice.
  • Internet handling charges shall be applicable to certain transactions and customers will have to pay the extra charges.
  • Making charges, taxes or any stone charges/American diamonds will not be considered in buyback or exchange value.
  • Shipping charges vary according to customer’s address location, state and will be charged accordingly to the customers. Please read our Shipping Policy.
  • Customers are also required to read and understand the terms and conditions and all other policies mentioned on the website. Click here: Terms & Conditions.