‘Pay Less, Buy Jewellery Worth More’

SJ Gold Scheme is an ideal jewellery purchase scheme by Savory, leading to an easy and planned purchase of Savory Jewellery of your choice after the maturity period. Under this scheme, you can buy more than what you pay because Savory will add a bonus installment amount at the end of the scheme proportionate to the period of scheme enrolled. Under this scheme, you will need to pay a fixed amount or installment every month on or before the due date. After completion of the scheme period chosen at the time of scheme enrollment, you will receive a proportionate bonus installment in the form of a discount on only jewellery items. The maturity date will be one month after the last installment paid i.e. the end of your equated installments.

Kindly read the below sample table for the understanding purpose:

Scheme Period Start Date Scheme Amt. Per Month Rs. Maturity Date Total Discount Amt. on Jewellery Purchase Rs. % of monthly Installment
6 months 1st Jan ‘17 Rs. 1000 1st July ‘17 Rs. 500 50%
9 months 1st Jan ‘17 Rs. 1000 1st Oct ‘17 Rs. 750 75%
12 months 1st Jan ‘17 Rs. 1000 1st Jan ‘18 Rs. 1000 100%

*Subject to Terms and Conditions


  • No processing fees.
  • Customers can choose 6 months, 9 months or 12 months scheme period.
  • Minimum Scheme Amount Rs. 100/month with no maximum limit.
  • The amount of installment per month is fixed under this scheme.
  • No bullion gold/silver coins or bars can be purchased from this scheme.
  • Only gold and diamond jewellery can be purchased after the maturity period.
  • The gold rate of that day will be applicable as per the purchasing date of jewellery i.e. when a customer purchases jewellery by redeeming the scheme.



You pay your installments and we will pay the last installment at the time of maturity to help you buy our exotic jewellery.


You can pay by cash in our Pune Retail Store or transfer cash through Bank, pay by cheque, DD, online payments like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, mobile wallets like paytm, mobikwik.


You can plan your jewellery purchase well in advance and save money to buy it.


You become our valuable customer and get free membership through SJ Gold Scheme.


‘Book Your Gold, Save Yourself From Rising Gold Prices’

SJ Gold Booking Scheme is a gold booking scheme where you can book the weight of gold monthly or as per convenience, proportionate to the rate of gold at the date of booking amount paid. You can fix the period of the scheme at the start. Under this scheme, the customer can use the weight of gold booked whenever he wishes, in the form of gold and diamond jewellery from Savory. This scheme will help protect you against the rising prices of gold. You can book gold every month or whenever you wish to and redeem equal gold weight in the form of Savory Jewellery at the gold rate applicable at the time of redemption. Gold will be booked in Pure 24KT only. You can only redeem the booked gold to purchase gold and diamond jewellery.


  • Gold in bullion coins and bars form will not be allowed to purchase under this scheme.
  • The customer needs to redeem this scheme within 2 months of last booking amount paid.
  • Making charges will be applicable on purchase of jewellery while redeeming the scheme.


  • Invest in Gold as Per Your Convenience
  • Avoid Risk of Rising Prices
  • Redeem the booked Gold to make Exquisite Gold Jewellery
  • Redeem anytime-No fixed Period
  • No Fixed Installment
  • No Minimum Amount & Multiple Payment Options

How does this Scheme Work?

For sample purpose only:

A) Installment 1:

Amount Paid-1st Installment Rs. 30,000
Rate of Gold/10 Gms at the time of booking Rs. 30,000
Gold Weight Booked 10 Gms

B) Installment 2:

Amount Paid-2nd Installment Rs. 30,500
Rate of Gold/10 Gms at the time of booking Rs. 31,000
Gold Weight Booked 9.830 Gms

C) Redemption of Gold Booked to Purchase Jewellery:

Total Amount Paid Rs. 60,500
Total Gold Weight Booked 10 Gms + 9.83 Gms=19.83 Gms
Rate of Gold/10 Gms at the time of Redemption Rs. 30,800
Total Value of Redemption Rs. 61,076

*Subject to Terms and Conditions


  • Gold prices may rise or fall.
  • Customer can pay different Installment amounts for Gold Booking Scheme.


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  • In SJ Gold Scheme Monthly Investment Plan the total amount of installments paid by the customer is locked for the entire period as fixed before starting the scheme and as mentioned in the enrollment form. For example, 12 months scheme will lock the amount for entire 12 months i.e. 365 days from the date of starting the scheme.
  • The maturity and the redemption value of gold booked by the customer under the Scheme shall be calculated based on the applicable gold rate on the date of redemption.
  • The installment amount paid once cannot be redeemed before the period of scheme fixed at the start.
  • The amount paid for the scheme cannot be withdrawn or redeemed in the form of cash if the customer discontinues the scheme or after the maturity of the scheme.
  • The money will not be refunded/returned for the amount paid for the scheme in any circumstances.
  • Savory is an online jewellery brand name of Shalimar Jewellers Pune and completely owned by Shalimar Jewellers Pune and all rights are reserved by Shalimar Jewellers Pune.
  • Gold prices vary from time-to-time and Savory or Shalimar Jewellers will not be responsible for any loss caused to the customers in case of gold rate changes.
  • Gold rates are based on Pune market gold price and the price will be uploaded on the website of Savory. There shall be no complaints/queries entertained for gold prices and may vary from market to market.
  • Savory refers to different authorised portals, websites and various other sources to fix the gold rate for the particular date.
  • Please confirm the gold rate before booking the gold in Gold Investment Plan.
  • Customers will not be able to purchase gold/silver coins or bars i.e. in bullion form from the schemes.
  • Gold rate of that day will be applicable as per the purchasing date of jewellery i.e. when the customer purchases jewellery by redeeming the scheme.
  • Scheme will be redeemed only in Gold & Diamond Jewellery form.
  • Cancellation of the scheme is not allowed once started and if cancelled an amount equivalent to cost of processing, internet handling charges, any loss if caused to Savory will be deducted.
  • Redemption of Scheme in case of Monthly Investment Plan is applicable only after the maturity of scheme i.e. 1month after the last installment is paid.
  • Customers will have to compulsory redeem within 2 months after the last installment is paid.
  • Redemption of Scheme in case of Gold Booking Scheme can be done as per the convenience of Customer without any fixed period.
  • No other discounts or wholesale rate is applicable to this scheme while purchasing jewellery.
  • The above schemes are applicable and will be held valid only if all installments are paid before or on the due date.
  • Customers are requested to be fully aware of the risks that rise or fall in gold rates can affect the value of the grams booked by them.
  • In the event, a Customer fails to pay the installment within the installment due date period, the proportionate discount as offered herein shall be reduced.
  • The rate of gold shall be based on the Savory rate of gold prevailing on the date of purchase.
  • The customer needs to redeem this scheme within 2 months of last booking amount paid.
  • Savory will not be responsible for any online payment failure and money being debited from the Customer’s account. In case of any payment failure, the Customer is requested to check with their banks or other service providers.
  • In addition to the gold and stone charges, all jewellery purchased under the Scheme will be subject to making charges, shipping charges, taxes or value added tax or surcharges, levies as may be applicable/ prevailing at the time of purchase.
  • In the event of any premature closure of the scheme account by the account holder, such account holder may purchase jewellery at Savory online Store or Shalimar Jewellers Store in Pune equal to the value of the installments accumulated in his/her account as on that day. However, no bonus amount from Savory or discount on purchase of jewellery will be given in case of premature closure of the account
  • Savory an online shopping brand of Shalimar Jewellers Pune reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete part or whole of the privileges of the Scheme without prior notice to the account holder, as long as the same is not detrimental to the interests of the account holder.
  • Any conditions which are explicitly not covered above would be the discretion of Savory(Shalimar Jewellers Pune) at the time of transaction/redemption. The decision of Savory (Shalimar Jewellers Pune) in this regard would be deemed as irrevocable and final.
  • Disputes if any will be subject to the Courts in Pune Maharashtra jurisdiction only.
  • Shalimar Jewellers Pune is the sponsor of these schemes and reserves the right to suspend the Scheme at any time.
  • In case of any change in existing laws, rules, Acts, etc. by any regulatory authority, Savory reserve its right to make such modifications/ change/ suspend/ discontinue the Scheme suitable to the change of law and necessary requirements as per the same have to be complied with by the account holder.
  • Gold weight will be booked at the applicable 24kt gold rate on the date when the customer makes the installment payment and is confirmed by Savory.
  • All Terms and Conditions/Policies mentioned on Savory’s website are applicable to these schemes. Customers are requested to read and understand them.